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Very few artists decide to build an entire aesthetic and musical campaign around the notion of evolution, and fewer have the courage and conviction to live with their vision offstage--to, in fact, make everywhere they go a stage to share that vision. Dennis DeYoung didn't walk the streets of 1983 as Mister Roboto, you know. But: That was then, and this is now.

Congratulations. "Born This Way" is the 1,000th No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100.

I can't believe it. I'm humbled, honored and overwhelmed at the reception to "Born This Way." This has been so life-changing for me. Between Billboard and the international No. 1s, and the radio numbers... I couldn't be more blessed to have the fans I have. I knew when I wrote the song it was special, but I also knew that perhaps my fans or my label were hoping for me to deliver "Bad Romance the Third" or "Poker Face the Third." I wanted to do exactly the opposite.

That's not to say that on the album there's not an incredible amount of breadth and eccentricity. It's quite eclectic. It ranges from "Born This Way" being very light to the rest of the album becoming quite darker. I in
jest say that "Born This Way" is the marijuana to the heroins of the album, the ultimate intense intoxication of the record. It's an analogy.

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