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Our blog was up for two years. In those two years lots of things happened, but we will try to get our archives back up and working again. From Just Dance to Alejandro, we will have it all. Again.

The Unreleased: Coming Soon

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I will be compiling a massive collection of b-sides, unreleased, old demos and goodies.
Nothing will be new, but some of you might never have heard some of the stuff.
It will take some time to upload, but I'll have it available soon.

Born This Way (Grammys Performance)

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Born This Way (Live) - Download
Mpg file, Ripped 2/13/2011

Billboard Cover & Interview

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Click 'Read more' to read the full interview.

Born This Way - iTunes Single

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 Born This Way - Download
iTunes Single, Released 2/11/2011

Coming Soon.

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We will return with media.

Epic Leaks – Greatest + Then You’d Love Me

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I present to you, what I promised…



then youd love me


Times Interview

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Read the interview Here.

A Dollar for Gagarazzi

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We are moving to a new domain, and we would appreciate if people would donate $1.00 for the move. This will go towards a new board, media bank, and for donations towards new leaks.

To donate, click the “donate” button above the chatbox.

Safe and secure.

Half of the money earned will go towards a big fund some Gaga fansites are uniting.
Please help us, and yourselves!